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Key Features

  • Make-up line unloading
  • 2 to 1 lane alignment of quiche
  • Low pressure collation
  • Custard dosing
  • Oven loading
  • Oven unloading and re-alignment
  • Freezer/Chiller loading & Unloading
  • Cartoner loading
  • End of line packing

Quiche Production

Working with major blue-chip food manufacturers WMH has developed sophisticated quiche handling systems to process quiche from assembly of the raw ingredients, through oven loading and unloading, chiller and freezer loading and unloading and on to packing and palletising.

A typical quiche production system would include:

WMH Quiche production systems are tailored to your specific requirements and designed around your products and unique working methods. Our systems are flexible and easy to use offering menu driven touch screen user interfaces for recipe selection and protected access for supervisors and engineers.

WMH works closely with manufacturers of travelling ovens and spiral coolers to provide a continuous line which should give you many years of trouble-free service.

WMH understands the demands of a high care environment and designs all machines to be washed down and where possible minimises the areas where build-up of debris can occur, with sloping surfaces and spacing off of bearings and joining brackets and support frames.

For more information or to discuss a specific requirement please give one of our sales engineers a call on 01579 383788 or email