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Typical Applications

  • Ready meals
  • Pizzas
  • Desserts
  • Quiche
  • Pasties and Sausage Rolls
  • Yorkshire puddings
  • Celebration Cakes

Assembly Lines

Our assembly lines are designed to meet your specific production requirements. WMH prides itself on listening to the needs of the customer and developing a cost effective bespoke solution that will meet your production requirements now and in the future.

WMH Assembly lines are designed to offer flexible assembly of your ready meals and convenience foods whether you require manual operator positions, fully automated depositor locations or a combination of both WMH can provide you with a line that works for you.

Ready meal assembly lines:

  • Designed to fit your range of tray sizes
  • single or twin lane configuration
  • continuous or indexing operation
  • Outfeed lane merging option
  • Touch-screen menu driven operator control

Pastry Product Assembly Lines:

  • Belts to suit naked raw pastry products
  • Patterned belts to aid product positioning
  • Operator work tables for hand finishing
  • Auto-tracking belts

WMH understands the demands of a high care environment and designs all machines to be washed down and where possible minimises the areas where build-up of debris can occur, with sloping surfaces and spacing off of bearings and joining brackets and support frames.

The success of your project lies in the communication between the line and ancillary equipment. WMH goes that extra mile to ensure your line integrates successfully with upstream and downstream process equipment.


For more information or to discuss a specific requirement please give one of our sales engineers a call on 01579 383788 or email

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