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Mobile Robotic Pallet Loader

Have you ever wanted to introduce robotic palletising into your packing process but can’t get the capex approval of an all singing all dancing solution, WMH’s mobile palletising unit may be the solution you are looking for.

The compact unit has been designed for loading finished boxed products onto pallets which is a repetitive task ideally suited to automation.  Mounted on a common frame the unit can easily be moved and with a few simple docking and location settings can be ready to palletise a different product configuration within minutes.

For many factories packing and palletising are done in cramped spaces with little space for a fully automated solution. To address this need WMH’s compact and flexible solution combines a robotic arm with a docking system and safety circuit within a small footprint. Making use of the safety features and operational zones of the robot the unit can be operated without the need of cumbersome safety fences.

The palletiser can be easily moved with the aid of a pallet truck from one line to another between production lines to be utilised where and when it is needed the most.  Freeing up operatives to carry out more interesting and challenging activities.

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