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QR Code Scanning

WMH has developed a system for reading and verifying QR codes on product packaging.

The system uses four scanners grouped together to view the round pot from different angles to create a single 360º image of the pot. This allows the QR code to be identified, whichever way round the product is presented. A fifth scanner mounted above, scans the lid and the two images are compared by the software to ensure a match.

If a mis-match is detected the line can either be stopped for manual removal of defective products or the line can be linked to a reject system to automatically remove defective products.
The system can scan and verify over 200 products per minute and in trials of 1000 pots the system successfully scanned and identified all the pots.

It is envisaged that this system could be integrated into a packing line to ensure only correctly coded products are packed. While the system was trialled with QR codes the technology could be adapted to scan and verify barcodes or batch and date codes.

“We are really pleased with the outcome of our development and trials and plan to install such a system in the field in the near future.” Said a spokesman for WMH
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