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Pack Stacker for Packing

WMH has recently completed the installation of a stacking unit to help in the packing operation of a large desserts manufacturer.

The stacker is placed on the end of the manufacturing line after the retail packaging has been sealed and presents the products to the packing operatives in stacks suitable for loading directly into the outer transit packing cartons. The stacker significantly increases the packing speed of a single operative.  The stacking unit is manually adjustable to be able to stack a range of product sizes and the stack height can be selected from a pre-set menu.

“We have manufactured several of these type of units in the past and they offer a semi-automated approach to labour reduction in end of line packing situations” Said a spokesman for WMH.

The stacker used in this project is suitable for rigid packaged products at relatively low rate production lines up to 40 pieces per minute.  For higher throughput and less rigid products WMH has a range of bespoke stacking solutions to draw on.

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