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WMH Apprentices

After almost five years of investment in their apprenticeship scheme, WMH now has seven apprentices at all stages of their training and across the business. 

The programme was set up to address the looming issues of an ageing workforce and to plug a growing skills gap.  While many youngsters feel they have to leave the county to build a career in engineering and technology.  WMH is in its own small way trying to redress the balance by honing the skills of local youngsters to contribute to the building of a successful engineering industry within Cornwall.

"Putting the apprenticeship scheme into place is allowing us to secure the right amount and quality  skills  for the company for the future, we have been very fortunate to  recruit some very talented young people who are showing a lot of promise and are quickly becoming the back bone of the workforce." Said Paul Messenger, WMH Operations Manager.

Whenever new engineers join the WMH team we introduce them on our website so to celebrate this apprenticeship week we thought we would speak to all of the apprentices and see how their apprenticeship journeys are developing.

Alfie – Welder Fabricator

Alfie is in the second year as a welder fabrication apprentice having joined the programme with GCSE an BTEC qualifications form school.  He is currently working towards and NVQ Level 2 Welding qualification.

Alfie is enjoying learning about the different welding processes and how they work.  Thanks to his apprenticeship Alfie has been able to buy his first car.

Charlie – Welder Fabricator

Charlie joined WMH in 2016 alongside Ian having gained GCSE and BTECs at school.  He is now in is final stages having gained a Level 3 Diploma in Engineering.  Charlie’s final academic modules also suffered disruption thanks to covid.

Charlie has enjoyed all aspects of his work at WMH including attending on site during project installations.  Being able to buy a new motorbike has been one of Charlie’s achievements outside of WMH made possible by his apprenticeship.

Cory – Electrician

Cory is in the first year of his apprenticeship though had worked at WMH for almost a year before joining the programme. Before starting his apprenticeship, Cory gained A-levels at college and is now working towards an NVQ Level 3 Extended Diploma in Electrical Engineering.

Cory enjoys his work building panels at WMH and the opportunities for travel as part of the installation and commissioning team.  Joining the WMH apprenticeship scheme has afforded Cory the time to take up climbing as a hobby.

George – Electrician

George joined the WMH apprenticeship scheme after A-levels and is now in his fourth year.  He is currently working towards a BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Electrical Engineering and would like to continue his education at the end of his apprenticeship.

Being able to continue working and kept busy throughout the covid pandemic has been good for George.  Away from WMH his apprenticeship has allowed George to pursue his love of climbing in Switzerland.

Harrison – Electrician

Harrison is in the first year of his apprenticeship having gained GCSEs at school.  He is working towards an NVQ Level 3 Electrical Engineering qualification.

In his short time at WMH Harrison is already making a contribution to the business having completed his first complete panel build.  Earning a wage as an apprentice has helped Harrison to develop his gaming hobby by building his own bespoke PC.

Ian – Welder Fabricator

Ian was one of the first apprentices to join WMH in 2016 having gained GCSE and BTEC qualifications at school.  He is now in his final stages awaiting the results of his level 3 City and Guilds in fabricating and welding.  Unfortunately, due to Covid some of his college teaching has been delayed resulting in the 4-year apprenticeship continuing into a fifth year.

Ian’s best experience of his apprenticeship has been learning to TIG weld.  As a paid apprentice he has been able to afford a nice car at a younger age than some of his peers.

Ollie – Machinist

Ollie is in his second year as an apprentice machinist.  He joined WMH having achieved GCSE and BTEC qualifications.  Ollie is working towards a Level 2 NVQ in machining and Level 3 in advanced milling and turning.

Working alongside experienced machinists and mentors is one of the benefits Ollie has experienced while working as an apprentice.

The Future

Many of the current crop of apprentices have enjoyed the mixture of on the job training alongside their studies and have indicated they would like to continue their education beyond their apprenticeships.

For more information about the career paths available within an engineering company like WMH please download our Careers in Engineering flyer.

WMH will be continuing their apprenticeship scheme and are always keen to hear from applicants. If you are interested following an engineering apprenticeship, please visit the Engineering Opportunities page found under the jobs heard of this website for details.


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