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How WMH is Managing the Risk of Covid-19

Covid-19 has had huge impacts on the way companies operate. WMH is privileged to work in the food and pharmaceutical sectors that have both been designated key industries throughout the pandemic.

This has meant WMH has continued to operate throughout but with some modifications to working practices to keep our staff and visitors safe.

Working From Home

Since March most of our Sales and design teams have been working from home. Our IT infrastructure allows our staff to work from home and access files and emails with ease. As a company we have all embraced video conferencing and use it regularly for team and project meetings that have not been able to take place face to face. While some face-to-face meetings have been unavoidable the rise of video conferencing has been invaluable during the lockdowns and will no doubt continue to be a valuable tool in the future.

Screens and Spacing

For those members of staff who are unable to work from home and for those who need to visit from time to time, the open plan WMH office has been fitted out with clear screens between desks.
Since WMH expanded its manufacturing facilities several years ago the, our welder fabricators have large areas to work well distanced from colleagues. Workspaces are also separated by welding screens which double as protective screening for added safety.

Closed Canteen

As a manufacturing business one of the company traditions is its break periods. Pre-covid these could be lively times when the whole workforce came together in the canteen to put the world to rights. Unfortunately, this tradition has been paused to keep colleagues well spaced out breaks are currently taken at benches.

Hygiene Regime

Social distancing is only one part of the changes made on site at WMH. All staff and visitors are asked to sanitise their hands, on entering site and at regular intervals during their time on site. Sanitiser stations are situated at the main entrance and at several points around the buildings. Sanitiser is also available for cleaning desks and equipment for staff to use. Communal areas are regularly cleaned including hand-rails, door handles and surfaces, with cleaning records kept. As much as is possible doors are kept open to minimise touching.

Trials and Visitors

As much as possible WMH is continuing to carry out pre-delivery trials with visiting customers. WMH asks that no one visits our site, in line with government guidelines, if they have tested positive for covid-19, are self-isolating having been in contact with someone who has tested positive or have any symptoms associated with the virus. Prior to visiting WMH reviews visitors risk assessments and asks key questions.
When on site social distancing is maintained by only key personnel involved with the project being in attendance. Masks are also worn when it is deemed necessary.

Installations and Site Visits

When visiting customer sites all WMH personnel are abiding by the requirements for each site and the government guidance with regards to hygiene, social distancing and mask wearing. We are following all local tier level rules and foreign travel rules.


Although the added restrictions make life more complicated, they are no barrier to continuing to operate and WMH are keen to maintain all business and individual relationships during this difficult time. If you would like a member of the WMH team to visit you to discuss a project we will be more than happy to do so.

Update - January 2021

Since this article was first pubilshed the Covid situation has changed and developed.  To mitigate the increased risk all staff are now required to wear a face covering when moving around the premises and interacting with others.


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