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Visual Components Simulation

WMH has recently invested in 3D simulation software to support the business from initial sales enquiry through to controls and automation. The investment in Visual components is a next step in enhancing its products and services, following the transition from 2D to 3D CAD several years ago. The new software has far reaching benefits and is being used at every stage of the project development cycle.

Visual Components is a valuable aid to quickly developing conceptual systems with 3D visualisations and animated production flows. The sales team are using the software to generate live ‘walkthroughs’ for client presentations. “The use of 3D graphics makes it much easier to explain concepts and answer queries, particularly with non-technical personnel unused to reading conventional drawings.” A spokesman for WMH said. The sales team can also generate product flow simulations and model complex sequences to gain a greater understanding of the production challenges.

In the design office Visual components can be used alongside conventional 3D modelling to create fully working simulations. This allows systems to be tested at different throughputs, allowing modifications to be made, before the start of manufacture. This testing saves time and expense and is a valuable tool when production schedules are tight.

One of the biggest benefits is in the controls and automation department. This side of the business is vital in making WMH systems function properly and their time is often squeezed between mechanical build and the delivery deadline. But visual components enables the automation team to start programming before the physical machine is complete. Giving them a larger window of opportunity to develop robust and flexible operating systems.

“We are very pleased with the addition of this software to our suite of tools. We’re already reaping the benefits and we’re intending to roll it out more widely over the coming months ” Said a spokesman for WMH.


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