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Swan Neck Belt Conveyor

WMH has recently completed the installation of a tough new swan-neck elevator conveyor for an independent sausage manufacturer.

The conveyor is fitted with high-impact flat top modular plastic belt which can absorb at least five-times the impact of standard belts.  The belt is ideally suited to dealing with the impact of up to 400kg/hour of frozen sausages and meatballs.

The conveyor has and elevation angle of over 50 degrees to achieve the incline height in as small a footprint as possible.  Tough streamlined, hi-impact flights ensure positive travel of the products along the length of the conveyor.  Designed for a high care wash-down production environment the conveyor benefits from hinged side panels which offer full access to the belt for cleaning and act as product containment guides and conveyor guards when in position.

“The choice of high strength belt has been critical to the success of this project, with solid frozen products we want to maximise the belt life in a harsh environment.” Said a spokesman for WMH.


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