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Inline Twin Robot Ultrasonic Cutting

WMH is in the final stages of manufacture of their new state-of-the-art twin-robot in-line ultrasonic cutting unit.

The unit sits at the top of WMH’s range of cutting cells and is designed for in-line production in a high-care food manufacturing environment and benefits from WMH’s years of expertise building hygienic systems for sensitive food producers.

The twin-robot in-line system incorporates two Mitsubishi Electric Melfa robots, fitted with Telsonic cutting blades with WMH conveying and controls technology to provide an accurate and compact solution for cutting and slicing of cakes, pies and other foods products.

WMH’s inline cutting cell has been designed to handle platens of product, which enables the product to be accurately located for each cut and provides product containment during cutting. The platens also act as a cutting surface, protecting the conveyor belt from damage. Each platen is designed so the system can identify the orientation of the product and adjust the orientation of the cutter to suit. Working in tandem the two robots provide a production rate of up to 12 pieces per minute, depending on the nature of the product and the number of slices required.

The inline cutter will be programmed to cut rectangular slabs into small squares and round cakes into wedge slices. Control of the line is via a touch-screen HMI panel with operator and engineering level function control.

As with all WMH systems hygiene is paramount during operation and for post-production cleaning. An integrated wash-tank with air knife provide interval cleaning of the cutting blades during operation. The complete line is designed with washdown features built-in including; cantilever conveyor design for quick and easy belt removal, spaced off brackets and bearings to eliminate areas where debris could accumulate and enclosed cabling and fully welded stainless-steel frame construction.

“We are very pleased with the way our new product looks and are looking forward to seeing it in full production l within the next few months” Said a spokeman for WMH.


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