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Robot Pick and Place Cell

WMH has recently invested in a vision guided robotic pick and place cell to further develop its commitment to the integration of robotics into its catalogue of food handling solutions.

The stand-alone cell integrates WMH high end conveyor technology with a Mitsubishi Electric RH-3FHR-Q SCARA robot for high speed high accuracy pick and place operations. Coupled with either Cognex or Scorpion camera systems for a full range of vision guiding functions, the unit is available for a wide range of pre-production trials.

The integral food quality conveyor benefits from height adjustment for seamless integration in-line with up and downstream processes and the touch screen HMI offers multi-level user access menu driven control. The conveyor and robot are housed within a robust support frame fully guarded for safety.

WMH have available a range of end effectors for picking products including mechanical grippers developed for sausages and medical devices, contactless grippers suitable for crumpets, pancakes and other porous foodstuffs and vacuum grippers for smooth products such as boxes and wrapped goods.

“The unit was initially developed for packing sachets of pet food but has been recently fully integrated to production standard for our factory open day held last month.” Said a spokesman for WMH.

The unit is available for initial process approval trials at WMH premises in Callington and could be available for longer pre-production trials at a customer site.

For more information or to discuss a specific requirement please give one of our sales engineers a call on 01579 383788 or email .


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