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Multi-lane depositor trial unit

WMH now has a new upgraded trial depositor to add to its catalogue of trial units.

The 16-chamber, production standard, unit is self-contained with integral header tanks and control panel mounted on a mobile c-frame which can be wheeled into position over a conveyor for thorough product trials.

The unit features a specialised algorithm control system using servo drive technology to maintain repeatable deposit weight accuracies of +/-0.1g across the pump and touch screen control panel for quick and easy product weight adjustments.
The individual pump chambers feed 16 deposit nozzles which can be positioned in one of three patterns; individual, 8 by 2 or 4 by 4 for testing with a range of product sizes.

The depositor is suitable for depositing any hot or cold smooth liquid or sauce and is available at WMH premises in Callington for initial trials or could be provided on site for longer more in-depth production trials.

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