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Careers in Engineering

WMH will be attending the careers fair at bodmin college this Friday to make Cornwall's teenagers aware of some of the exciting opportunities available in the county.

Like many companies in Cornwall WMH has struggled to fill advertised roles with skilled engineers due to the brain-drain to other parts of the country.  Cornwall is not traditionally somewhere people think nowadays when they think of engineering careers, though Cornwall has a rich tradition in engineering dating back to the industrial revolution.  

As a first step to reversing the trend WMH will be joining the Cornwall Manufacturing Group at Bodmin College's careers fair to make today's teenagers aware of the opportunities available close to home.  WMH will be highlighting the key roles involved in a small family owned engineering business.

"Although Bodmin is on the edge of our catchement for recruitmant of apprentices we hope this first event will prove to be a success and will lead to us attending other fairs in and around Callington" Said Paul Messenger, Operations Manager responsible for shopfloor and apprentice recruitment.

If you would like to find out more about opportunities available please download our "Careers in Engineering" flyer below.



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