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Quick Change Cassette Conveyors

WMH has recently developed a novel drive arrangement for its collation system cassette conveyors which will reduce down-time and workloads for maintenance teams.

With ever increasing demand for continuous running WMH has created a system that enables maintenance teams to swap-out cassette conveyors for maintenance without the need for tools. The innovative design incorporates the conveyor drive system into the frame of the conveyor allowing the cassette units with belt and rollers to be removed quickly and easily for off-line maintenance.

 “The new design means complete spare cassettes can be held on the shelf in case of break-down and can be swapped out quickly and easily by maintenance crews for off-line repair whilst maintaining the integrity of the line” said a spokesman for WMH.

The new format of collator, cassette conveyor will be integrated into all future pressure less collation systems developed by WMH.


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